I am a web development enthusiast with almost a decade of professional experience in IT. We do not get tired of learning new stuff!

Programming is one of the things I’m passionate about and It’s what I do for living. 
However there are other stuff I love doing. I like arts specifically sketching. I also have photography as a hobby. Alongside I also try playing some instruments “desperately”…

I can help you with –


HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Javascript and few bunch more you’d need to survive online.


Cool stuff! CMS, DMS, Glass, Lucene & TDS. Foundation and .Net Developer certified


What dotnet developers have in their arsenal – C#, MVC, ORM, Design patterns


IIS, Team city, Git, VSTS, Azure CI and whatnot to keep life cycle fueled and running

Know more at sesebon‘s main site.

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